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George Plimpton Uwe Pörksen
Edgar Allan Poe
bild des autors/der autorin
  • Geboren: 19. Januar 1809 in Boston, MA (USA)
  • Gestorben: 7. Oktober 1849 in Baltimore, MD (USA)
1827 [ged] Tamerlane and other Poems
1833 [pro] MS. Found in a Bottle
1838 [rom] The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym
1839 [rom] The Conchologist's First Book
1840 [pro] Tales from the Grotesque and Arabesque
1845 [ged] The Raven
1809 Jan 19 Edgar Poe born in Boston, his parents are playing at the Federal State Theater.
1811 Dec 8: Poe's mother dies. Poe stays at the Allan family (John and Francis).
1815 July 28: arrival in Britain with the Allan family.
1818 Poe attending school at Manour House, Stoke-Newington, near London.
1826 February 14: Poe enters University of Virginia (Charlottesville) - leaves it on Dec 15.
1827 Poe and John Allan have a serious row. -- May 26: Poe enlists in the US Army, as Edgar A. Perry. He is sent to Fort Independence (Boston Harbour).
1829 January 1: Poe obtains rank of Seargent Major. -- Feb 29 Francis Allan dies. -- Apr 15: voluntary retirement from the army. Poe goes to Washington.
1830 June: Poe at the US Military Academy at West Point, NY.
1831 February 19: Poe leaves West Point.
1834 March 27: John Allan dies, leaving nothing to Poe.
1835 August: Poe leaves Baltimore for Richmond to become an Aassistant editor of The Southern Literary Messenger.
1836 May 16: Poe and Virginia (< 14) marry.
1837 January 3: Poe leaves the Messenger.
1839 June: Poe becomes assistant editor of Burton's Gentleman's Magazine.
1840 Poe leaves Burton.
1841 April: Poe becomes editor of Graham's Magazine.
1842 May: Poe leaves Graham's Magazine.
1845 Mar 8: Poe becomes one of the editors of The Broadway Journal and later, obtains the post of its owner
1846 Jan 3: The Broadway Journal doesn't exist anymore
1847 Jan 30: Virginia dies.
1848 Sep 21: Poe travels to Providence, RI, to meet Mrs. Sarah Helen Whitman. -- Dec 22: a marriage agreement is drawn up, the wedding is to take place a few days later, but the engagement is broken off.
1849 Jul 13: He goes to Richmond and meets Sarah Elmira Royster, whom he hopes to marry. -- Oct 3: Poe is discovered unconscious in Baltimore and taken to the Washington College Hospital. -- Oct 7: Poe dies at 5 AM.